Grabbing frogs...

The CEO's Tale

Suffre my tale to be fyrst. I will speak with haste.
Thine expensive soper soone will I taste.


Whylom ther was a frogge with loftee ideals.
He maad a devyce by which plantes coude share feels.


I want to expande til all frogges can see
Just how muche love they can get from a tree.


I will yeveth thee silver for controle of thine compaignye.

He saught an investor. Someone with monye.


The frogge tooke the deal,
but thynges quickly turned saur.
All business integrytee
was purged in an hour.


Insteade of plante feelyngs,
the toade pubyshed ads.
Bothe the frogge and the flours
were filled with the sads.


But the toade liveth not to spendeth his gaines.
He cared noght for plantes. He niste of ther paines.


Had he used the devyce and wiste they need fedde,

He nolde have been eaten and he nolde now be dedde.


The moral, my frendes, I thynketh decodes
To "use thine owene products
and never trust toades."

Translation: A frog makes a device which allows plants to share their feelings. An investor twists the frog's noble intentions into a platform for serving ads. The investor doesn't use the device himself and is eaten by the plants which he neglected to feed.

Sounds like one of the stories told in the Canterbury Tales, right? There's another one coming on Friday!

Until then, you can always read my blog post about the DOM collision-checking code I wrote for the frog dodgeball game last week.

Published Wednesday, 22 April 2015

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