Grabbing frogs...

Know Your Crocodilians

Something's wrong. I can't find the turkey, half the servers are unplugged, and the others are just running open mail relays.


I, uhh, haven't seen him.

Agri-gator, what's going on? Where's the turkey?



Wait, you're no agri-gator! You're a crocodile!


Ok, I ate the turkey.

Enough of your lies! I can see your bottom teeth!


I also sold access to your server farm to the Ukraine.

I'm going to have to terminate your contract.

It's true. If you can see his bottom teeth with his mouth closed, he's a crocodile. Gators' top jaws are wider than their bottom jaws, meaning that with closed mouths all the lower teeth are hidden.

Also, don't ever run an open mail relay.

Published Friday, 29 August 2014

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