Grabbing frogs...

Where's Profitability?

Is it behind the software?

No, just bugs.

Where's Profitability?


Is it behind the hardware?

No, just maintenance costs.


Is it behind the team?

No, just pizza and coffee.


There it is! Behind the Monthly Active Users!

Investors will totally understand this.

Really? Because when you think about it, Monthly Active Users is not a really great metric. It could mean totally different things to different applications, and it's difficult to measure how much an MAU is worth to a company because people interact with different apps in different ways.

But why a Lift-the-Flap comic? Two reasons. One, it seems like a really condescending way to explain something and that's the feeling I was going for. And two, my youngest daughter really likes lift-the-flap books right now and I hope she enjoys this comic.

Published Wednesday, 8 February 2017

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