Grabbing frogs...

How the Toad Stole Christmas

Part 3

They'll be waking up in a minute or two, and those frogs down in Frogville will all cry 'boo-hoo'


How will they share online their glee? They won't! This is something I surely must see!


But the frogs weren't unhappy. Nothing seemed out-of-place. Without social networks, they shared face-to-face.


My plan's hit a speed bump.

And the Toad, with his toad feet there on a stump, sat puzzling and puzzling.


It came without phones! It came without chats! It came without networks, or influencer stats!


Maybe Christmas...

is something... some thing I don't get.

And he puzzled three hours, his head dripped with sweat.

he thought...


So he gave back their iPhones, new passwords supplied, fixed all their networks, and reset the WiFis.


And what happened then? Well, in Frogville they say, the Toad's follower count grew by ten-thousand that day.







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Die Hard parody next year. I promise.

Published Wednesday, 19 December 2018

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