Grabbing frogs...


Where are our NFT's?


I keep telling you. Making Non-Fungible Tokens is not a simple matter.


Yes, I can see there are more mushrooms! I don't know how to stop them!


It's because we're cool and dank.

And NFT's aren't?

Cool and dank conditions are great for mushrooms, but cool and dank also have slang meanings which are rarely attributed to these frogs.

And about about NFT's? Are NFT's bad? NFT's, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have very little to do with actual fungus. They're essentially something you can buy as proof of ownership for a digital entity such as an image or music file. You can trade them or resell them, like collectible cards or something. Because they're paid for and based on cryptocurrency transactions, there is some concern that they are consuming too many resources to generate.

But of course I can't do an NFT comic without actually offering the comic for sale as an NFT. So here you go: follow this link to find out how you can purchase the image of this comic and prove to the world that you own such a valuable and collectible work of art!

Published Wednesday, 24 March 2021

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