Grabbing frogs...


Thanks for coming in for the interview today. Now let's see how your experience compares to our job requirements.


Do you have 3 years of experience? Have you ever led a small team?

No, and no.


Okay, well I'll X those out I guess. Have you used Java? Python? Scala?

-3 years experience

- leads small teams

- Java

- Python

- Scala




No, no, and no.

Okay, 3 more X's. Can you use Linux? Git? Jira?


I'm sorry, no to those as well.

Do you specialize in back-end or front-end development?


Well, neither actually.

Super! That's ten. Welcome to the team!


How can you be unhappy? You wanted a 10X developer, and I found a 10X developer!

They say that a 10X developer can do the work of 10 regular developers, but it's debatable if such people actually exist. I will attest to the fact that in software development, it is possible to have a person who produces negative output. That is, for every hour of work they perform it creates more than 1 hour of work for someone else to fix. They are -2X developers. I've been on teams where to become more productive we had to remove people.

I know this comic got kind of long (7 frames!) and right after last week's was 5 frames. I'm having trouble getting the joke done in 4 frames lately. At least it wasn't 10.

Published Wednesday, 7 April 2021

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