Grabbing frogs...


As a corporate customer, I feel like our API calls should get priority over your regular customers'.


Sure, but you'll have to pay the business rate.


Thank you for upgrading with these large sums of money. I now grant you Most Favored JSON status.


Most Favored JSON? That's not a thing.

I know.

This is a play on Most Favored Nation, which is a phrase you find in trade agreements between countries. With it they agree to treat all their trading partners equally - oddly the opposite of what is happening here.

This is my commentary on price discrimination, the only legal kind of discrimination apparently. A business can charge wildly different amounts to different customers for the same service. I was first introduced to this concept when I was a teen and worked at a startup Internet Service Provider. I discovered that the phone company would charge a business a special "business rate" for a regular voice phone line - that was almost twice the price of a residential voice line! Same thing, more money. And I've since learned that the practice happens all the time! Another reason I could never succeed in the business world. I'm too fair for stuff like that.

Published Wednesday, 12 July 2023

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