Grabbing frogs...

The Lottery

We have a better chance of making money if we spend all of our budget on lottery tickets.


Is that our plan?

Yes! Dumb luck beats hard work!


Start scratching! This money's not going to win itself!


No! Stop! It's not that kind of lottery!


This dumb luck is hard work.

My hands hurt, and I've only made $3.


I've calculated that the odds of winning the lottery are the same even when you don't play.

That's a rounding error.

If you didn't figure it out on your own, the last 3 frames of the comic are like a scratch-off lottery ticket. Scratch them off (with the mouse cursor - don't rub a real coin on the screen) to see what happened. It's more fun on a desktop browser, as mobile browser capabilities just don't seem to be there right now.

(If you don't get Frame #4, read The Lottery short story by Shirley Jackson. You may have read it in high school. I did, and still remember it all these years later.)

Published Monday, 14 September 2015

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