The Frog Lifecycle

Originally created for the GitHub Game-off 2013, this game takes you on an epic journey through the frog lifecycle. Start as a tadpole, grabbing food and avoiding other tadpoles. Also, fish try to eat you. The goal is to become a frog as fast as possible.

After achieving frogginess, you try to jump frogs back into the pond. As the clock ticks down, aim for lily pads and catch bugs for more time.

You'll have to play this one on a "real" computer, as it is not mobile-friendly at this time. I'm really sorry about that.

FFZ - HTML5 Sandbox

I don't know if I can call this a game, since there is no real objective, but it can be entertaining. I created it years ago as a sandbox for testing new web technologies like the HTML5 Canvas, Websockets, and HTML5 Audio.

You can move your frog around through 4 areas, and see other people moving their frogs around in real-time. Pressing R makes the frog ribbit.

I'll keep adding features to this one over time. Let me know if you have any good ideas for what the frogs can do.

2-Player Solitaire

From the 22 October 2014 comic, we have 2-Player Solitaire! Sure, you could always play Solitaire alone...but now thanks to the power of the Internet, you can play alone with someone else.

The HTML5 game works on your mobile device or desktop, and allows you and another person to competitively stack cards in their proper positions in classic draw-one Solitaire.

Start a game and invite a friend to play simply by sending them the URL.

Business Frog Jumps to Conclusions

Another game created thanks to GitHub! This one was made for the GitHub Game Off 2015, and stars Business Frog as he jumps through a giant Gantt chart in what could best be described as the journey into the dystopian world of software project management.

Use the arrow keys to move the frog back and forth to keep climbing higher and higher without falling. Grab coffee and cake, jump through hoops, and hit all the critical path tasks. Watch out for apples.

Like the 2013 game, this one won't play on most mobile devices. But it's lots of fun on your desktop PC.