Grabbing frogs...

Power Less Than 3

We need to encourage the employees to send out more Valentine's Day cards.



Electricity was getting too expensive, so now runs exclusively on the Power of Love!


We can't keep the web servers and the coffee machine on at the same time!

Shut off the servers.


For the last time, Huey Lewis is not one of our approved utility vendors.

Happy Valentine's Day! The title of the comic refers to the way people make sideways hearts in text: <3. Less than 3. And the comic itself obviously refers to the song made famous by Back to the Future, in which we learned that love is tougher than diamonds and stronger than steel. But is it stronger than graphene, which is 100 times stronger than steel? Probably, but Huey Lewis couldn't find a rhyme for graphene.

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Published Friday, 12 February 2016

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