Grabbing frogs...

Role Playing Games

Congratulations! You're the new Lead Printer Engineer!

I got a promotion?


No, it's not a position. It's just a role you play, in addition to your regular job.

Do I at least get a raise?


No. In this role, we keep the gold, but you get the experience.

I've always wanted to incorporate a Dragon Warrior parody into a comic. Although the fight mode is more Dragon Warrior II... Anyway, Dragon Warrior introduced console turn-based RPGs to the American market when it was originally released for the NES. One of my all-time favorite games. Think about it next time someone asks you to take on an additional role, and slay the dragon (or printer).

The game in the 3rd frame is completely playable, of course. It's part of the joke. My blog has some more information on how I made it, if you'd be interested.

Published Wednesday, 2 March 2016

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