Grabbing frogs...

Why Not Vine?

We use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Why does our social media strategy not include Vine?


You can't make money using Vines.


What? I made lots of money using vines back in the 80's!

So the little game in the 3rd frame is supposed to remind you of the classic Atari 2600 game Pitfall! from 1982. That's what I think of when anyone mentions vines. I don't know why "vines" are now short, looping videos.

It's somewhat playable, of course, but not on mobile devices this time. Sorry. Move the frog with the arrow keys and jump with the spacebar. Swing on the vine over the pit to get the money!

This is the game I was working on when I got sick the other day, forcing my wife to do a comic instead of me. I know, you liked her comic better.

Published Wednesday, 13 July 2016

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