Grabbing frogs...

(new Date()).getDate() + 1

COBOL developers of 2002! I've come from 2016 to hire you!



Let's go back to the future!

What is software development like in 2016?


JavaScript has become the most popular programming language, and is used extensively on the server-side!

objectobject's some sort post-apocalyptic wasteland?

Can you send us back to 1985 instead?

I'm just kidding; I love JavaScript. Except when I hate it. Seriously, if you'd have told me in 2002 that JavaScript would become a hugely popular server-side language I would have labeled you insane.

You may be asking yourself what's up with the fangs on the 2002 worker frogs. I used the prehistoric cave-frogs to represent the COBOL devs know...COBOL. And if you missed Wednesday's comic, you might not understand how CEO frog got to 2002. Go back in time one comic.

Published Friday, 21 October 2016

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