Grabbing frogs...

DOS, Distributed

It's the biggest day of the year for online sales, and our computers are useless! What's happening?


We're being hit with a Distributed DOS attack.

Another Denial of Service attack!?!


No, in this case "DOS" stands for something else...

It stands for Disk Operating System! Good old DOS...I used both IBM PC-DOS and MS-DOS on various computers back in prehistoric times. It's no wonder that the frogs find their computers useless when they're forced to work from a DOS prompt. Unlike Unix, it's a pretty worthless command line interface. I don't know how I managed.

If you're on a PC (not a phone or tablet, sorry) try typing some commands into the frog's DOS terminal. You might find some that work!

The DOS terminal is based on some code found here: Command Console in Your Browser. I made some modifications.

Published Monday, 28 November 2016

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