Grabbing frogs...

Glad I Could Help

I need some help. My code keeps failing. I've tried everything!


You see, I'm pulling the audio from the...ohhh! Of course! I'm not sorting the list! Thanks for your help!


I didn't say anything. What just happened?

He's just doing some Rubber Duck Debugging.


Now the duck will make the correct sound when squeezed!

So, what sound does the duck make when you squeeze it? (Touch it or click on it)

Rubber Duck Debugging is actually when you explain what you're trying to do to someone else (or an inanimate object such as a rubber duck) and in the process realize the solution to your problem. I handed out rubber ducks to my team once so they could do this. Instead, they used construction paper and office supplies to create elaborate costumes for the ducks.

Published Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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