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20 years ago, in the dot-com era, every domain name that was a real word was bought up. All of them!


So companies had to resort to absurd made-up words and random letters for their company names. Like and


Wow, that must have been really frustrating.

Yeah, I'm so glad things aren't like that today.


Hey, did you try the new Javascript library Tiwpbe? It's the next big thing!

No, I'm still using Wobterk.js combined with Zuuvgu.

Wobterk.js? That's like 3 weeks old! Get with the times!

Yes, every real word has been taken already by a Javascript library. But that doesn't stop new ones from being created. Every. Day.

We should all use this time at home in coronavirus lockdown to learn a new programming language. Or just, you know, try to not go insane. Whatever. Wash your hands!

Published Wednesday, 29 April 2020

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