Grabbing frogs...

Marketing Season

North American sales are good, but we're showing weakness in the European and Latin American markets.


No problem! I'll hire a classy European Influencer to help get us some international notoriety on social media.


Ugh, so sick...

I don't feel good either...

Did you guys meet the new employee too?


Oh, come on. Don't act like you knew "Influenza" wasn't a fancy Italian word for a top Influencer!

You know, how like "credenza" is a fancy word for a dining room cupboard?

Well anyway, my mother was sick yesterday and it made me think of this joke. I had a Pac Man Fever once, but that was nothing compared to the Burger Time Gastroenteritis.

I still don't have COVID-19 though. Please help keep it that way by remembering to wash your hands.

Published Wednesday, 9 September 2020

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