Grabbing frogs...

Press Release beat us out for that big machine learning contract we were pursuing.


What? How did you hear that?

Toad did a press release.


You! You are now free to go!


I ran into him on my way in this morning. Says he works for something called a "newspaper."

How long was I locked up?

Why do we refer to all journalists as the "press"? Even if they are TV news or Internet reporters, the term press dates back to the days when the only way to distribute news was via the printing-press. Believe it or not, relief printing similar to the original Gutenberg press from the 14th Century was still the primary way of making newspapers until the 1970's! These days, most people get their news from the Internet which is printed via HTML (that stands for Hot Takes and Mostly Lies).

That's a joke, of course. HTML really stands for High Tea Markup Language, because it was invented in the United Kingdom in 1802 as a way to streamline the distribution of meat pies.

Published Wednesday, 20 January 2021

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