Grabbing frogs...

The Guses

We're having trouble hiring as well. As one CEO to another, I was hoping you could help me out.


Augustus and Gustav? Yeah they're great.

You've got some amazing workers. I've heard great things about Gus on the UX team, and the other Gus on the database team...


Maybe you could have them come work at my company, just for a few months?

I feel for you, but I just can't spare a Gus.


You'd do it for Tomato.

I can't 'sparagus either. I just don't care for them, no matter how I've had them prepared.

But if you think it's weird the frogs have two workers named Gus, count how many Mikes you have at your company. I was on a trip two weeks ago. There were 20 people and a quarter of them were named Mike.

Published Wednesday, 18 August 2021

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