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Hot Desking

I believe I can save us 32% on office furniture this year by using a practice known as "hot desking."


I don't see how that will save us any money.

I'll show you!


Everyone get a bottle of hot sauce and dump it all over your desk! Cover it completely.


I haven't been able to eat a desk here all week! They're giving me terrible heartburn. This is going on your Yelp review.

Hot Desking works best when you use Sriracha sauce, due to the garlic content.

I'm kidding of course. Tobasco works best.

Okay, okay, hot desking really isn't about putting hot sauce on your office furniture. It's really about not having a personal desk. You use whatever workstation is available when you show up. If you work in shifts, it means you don't have to have a desk for every employee. The practice is controversial (because what isn't these days?) but is most often used in areas where office space is very expensive.

Published Wednesday, 1 September 2021

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