Grabbing frogs...

Jingle All The Way

to the bank!

I really need your help with the budget this year, Business Frog.


Between these supply chain issues and the loss of my second income, I'm going to have to reduce the nice list by 15%!


Second income? What was your second income? How did you lose it?


Another 1500 malls went out of business this year! Do you know how much I used to make off those photos with me?

I don't know about you, but I really miss shopping malls. Especially around Christmas. Only my oldest children have experienced the mall Santa, and my youngest doesn't even know what a mall is. Maybe all the extra isolation caused by covid shutdowns and months of work-from-home has made me long for the days of crowded stores. I used to go to the King of Prussia mall at midnight on Black Friday to get the best deals. It was fun, in an awful sort of way.

My Christmas wish is for in-person shopping to return from the brink of extinction.

Published Wednesday, 1 December 2021

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