Grabbing frogs...

Oh, Tannenbaum

Don't forget to water the Christmas tree.

No need. I got a fake one this year.


Oh yes, I spent last Christmas with the Redwoods. You know, THE Redwoods. In California.


Oh, absolutely. That dress looks amazing on you. We should hang out at the company Christmas party. I'll text you.


My star is actually made from real plasma. From the sun. It was a gift from Rudolph. You know, the most famous reindeer.


According to her resume, she once worked for Ernst Anschütz and Charles Dickens. We're lucky to have her.

We also got a fake tree this year. It's really nice (at least to my face). It claims to be 12 feet tall but I think it's really only 11 and has lifts in its base.

You probably recognize Charles Dickens as the author of A Christmas Carol, the novella which is credited with popularizing many of our modern Christmas traditions. But you may not know Ernst Anschütz, who wrote the lyrics to O Tannenbaum in 1824. The song is technically not a Christmas song, but because it is about a fir tree we often hear it at Christmastime.

Published Wednesday, 22 December 2021

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