Grabbing frogs...

The Greatest Thing



Allergy? Like hay fever? Hypersensitivity? Aversion?

Sorry, it's my allergy.


Wow! This is great! You two are the perfect team! One of you has synonyms and the other has an allergy!


Combined, you have the most sought-after quality in the business world! Synergy!

Like many of you, I once thought that "synergy" was a corporate buzz-word invented in the 1980's at GE. But it turns out to be a real word, first used in the 17th century! It has its roots in Greek and means a mutual advantage gained by working you do hear it a lot when companies talk about mergers or business unit cooperation.

Making synergy by combining the words synonym and allergy has no advantage and would instead be a portmanteau.

AND I'm happy to share this link to a video made by one of our fans! It's the very first comic in a video format! The second comic also got the same treatment. Check them out!

Published Wednesday, 8 March 2023

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