Grabbing frogs...

Night of the Living Vulnerability

I hate working at night. I have to worry about vampires, werewolves, draugar...


Yahhhhh! You should be worried about me!


A 0-day exploit? No, I don't have to worry about you.

What? Why not? I can end you!


Nope. You're a 0-DAY. It's night. You're powerless.

Ugh! Fine! See you in the morning.

I thought since we are approaching Halloween that I should share some scary stories. A Zero-day vulnerability, unlike a vampire or werewolf, is a bug in software that is unknown to the developer or anyone who can fix it. If discovered by an unscrupulous character, it could be used to create a Zero-day exploit - which can destroy whole companies before anyone even knows what is happening. No silver bullets or holy water can protect a system with a zero-day vulnerability.

Published Wednesday, 11 October 2023

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