Grabbing frogs...

Subscribe or Treat

Trick or Treat!

Here you go!


What's that? Where's the candy?


That's a license agreement. Fill it out and return it. Then you can look at candy every week for a year!


But I can't have it?

No, I retain ownership. I can't let you have it. What if you ate it? You'd never come back.


Look, all I'm saying is your holiday isn't going to survive if you don't switch to the subscription model!

You're fired.

It's sad when a sinister-looking jack-o-lantern is more generous than a typical technology business. I want to own things that will keep working even if the company goes away, not subscribe to everything and then be left with a brick when the servers shut down in three years. Happy Halloween!

Published Wednesday, 25 October 2023

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