Grabbing frogs...

Dichromatic Disagreement

Some weird dress picture went viral last week. Everyone was arguing over the colors, but dress sales skyrocketed.


Are you suggesting we use optometric science to create our own viral marketing campaign?


What Color Is This Frog?

Click Here for GREEN

Click Here for ORANGE

Click Here for TARTAN


I actually wanted to show you a funny llama video, but that idea sounds good too.

I'm convinced that whole blue & black / white & gold dress thing was really an A/B test gone wrong.

But just to mess with you some more, this comic is showing the green frog about half the time and the orange frog about half the time - so don't think all the people who said it was the other color are necessarily wrong. Except for the people who said it was tartan. They're always wrong. Like the people who said the dress was white and gold.

Now go share this on Twitter and Facebook so people can argue about it. Oh, one more thing. Here's that post about NoHTML I said I'd get to on Friday.

Published Monday, 2 March 2015

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