Grabbing frogs...

Dodging the Question

I've hired a consultant to evaluate our agile development practices. Please fully cooperate with her questions and tests.


To see how agile you are, I'll need all employees to play a game of dodgeball.


Agility: 0


If you can dodge a software development process, you can dodge a ball.

Your logic is flawless.

Click anywhere in the 3rd frame to throw a ball at the frogs! See how agile they are. Their agility score goes down the more you hit them, but goes up when they make it to the sides.

The sound it makes when you hit one of them is 8-bit Bump by timgormly and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

If you ever need any free sound effects, try I use it when I need stuff for games.

Published Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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