Grabbing frogs...

The Pirate's Tale

Nowe sitte rite back and ye shall hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trippe...


That started from a USB porte
with a format knowen as "Zyp."


Ther was a frogge who liketh to hack and robbe ye of data yn his hatte black.


But 58 gigs! Yt al will not fit!

Compaignye secrets he accessed by trick
and loaded them on to his USB stick.
So muche of the files he saught to transmit,


I shall Zyp up this data. And Zyp the Zyps too.

He than had a thaughte of what he woude do.


So he Zypped and he Zypped.
Til the stick ycome failed.
And tooke he so longe,
he was caught and than jailed.


And this ys the lesson I wanteth to share: with storage or weapons, always carie a spare.


The tyme had arrived to boardeth the plane. Whych frogge tolde the beste? Who woudest thou name?

Translation: Hacker tries to make stolen data files smaller by zipping them and then zipping the zip files and then zipping those zip files. It doesn't work. And I'm not sure how Pirate Frog got that sword past airport security.

This is the last of the tales! Slightly shorter than the Canterbury Tales, I know, but they took a long time to write. I'm working on ways to make comic production faster.

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Published Wednesday, 29 April 2015

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