Grabbing frogs...

A Board By Any Other Name

Good day, sir! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the CFO of Reptyles, Ltd.


We're really impressed with the work you've done here and want you to join our Board of Directors.


Welcome to the Board!


Honestly, it seems more like a plank.

Quiet down, ye weevil eating bilge swillers!

I knew I'd find another use for that lizard. "Business Lizard" doesn't have exposed teeth, though. I think it makes him look less threatening, which is a fine quality in a representative of a company.

Since it's Autumn now, I've updated the trees in the background to reflect the changing colors of the leaves. I still have no idea why the frogs stay active all through Winter though. It gets really cold here.

Happy Anniversary to my wife Rebecca! I hope she reads these comics.

Published Monday, 28 September 2015

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