Grabbing frogs...

A Bright Idea

Low battery again!

It will last longer if you turn down the brightness.


ZZZ zzz

12 Hours Later...

There's a lot going on here today! If you haven't tried already, move the slider control in the 3rd frame to adjust the sun's brightness.

This is the first time the sun has been visible in a comic.

My daughter gave me the idea for turning down the brightness of the sun to make the day longer when she talked about how she keeps her cell phone on the lowest brightness setting to extend the battery life.

I used a custom slider control instead of the native HTML5 control.

I had to generate a gradient of 40 shades between the day and night colors of the 3rd and 4th frames.

I talk more about these things over on my blog!

Published Friday, 29 January 2016

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