Grabbing frogs...

This End Up

Welcome to our company egg hunt! Remember, nobody leaves until we find all 513 eggs!


Can't we please go?? We found 258! I'm telling you, there are no more!

No! 513!

3 days later...


Where did you get the number of eggs?


For the last time bunny, we're Little Endian!

The binary number 100000010 (258 in decimal) stored in Big Endian byte order is [00000001 00000010] and in Little Endian would be [00000010 00000001]. If you send the Big Endian bytes to a Little Endian system without conversion, the Little Endian system would interpret it as decimal 513 (bytes reversed). But who's fault is this? The Easter Bunny or the frogs? Both? Their ICD was perhaps not clearly defined.

Why all this talk of endianness on what should be the Easter comic? Because you can't have eggs without an endianness discussion. At least not around here.

Have a happy Easter no matter which end of the egg you crack open!

Published Wednesday, 17 April 2019

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