Grabbing frogs...

Drawing a Blank

We're having such a hard time hiring new software developers.


Do you think the problem might be our whiteboard interviews?


Will I be able to invert a binary tree on you?



We don't have a problem hiring whiteboards. Are you even paying attention?

I remember when we used to fight over whiteboards at work. I scavenged empty offices to get 2 extra large ones added to my office and thought it was the greatest thing ever. I had multiple on the walls of my house even. They were all full of binary trees that I couldn't invert.

Maybe I'm joking about some of that. But which parts? Anyway, the "whiteboard interview" where a software developer candidate has to write code or some algorithm on a whiteboard seems to have fallen out of favor recently. I had to do it a few times over the years and didn't really mind it too much. But I can see why it is a controversial interview technique.

Published Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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