Grabbing frogs...

Below Average

We're getting a lot of requests for a weird feature in our app.


Can you describe it?


People seem to want a number to show up more than any other number, and they want the number to be slightly evil.


Ah, The Dark Mode seeks a path back to this world. Feature request denied.

You may remember mean and median, but mode is the oft forgotten triplet of statistical averages. It means the number that appears most often in a set.

I was brainstorming ways to describe popular features in weird ways, and this one was my favorite. It alludes to some mysterious history between an ancient evil and Science Frog (or possibly one of his ancestors), who vanquished it long ago. That's officially part of his backstory now. I just decided.

Personally, I don't like dark mode so I take every opportunity to paint its adherents in a negative light.

Pun intended.

Published Wednesday, 21 July 2021

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