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20 GOTO 10

Thanks for coming in for an interview on such short notice. We're understaffed and need to hire software developers ASAP.


My first question: if I ask you to start work on a new application, what is your GOTO programming language?


Great question! I would use either Rust or TypeScript.


Wrong! Neither of those support GOTO. Acceptable answers were BASIC, Pascal, or Fortran. I'm sorry. Please see yourself out.

People who learned programming in the last 10 years might not even know what a GOTO is. Before structured programming took off in the 1970's, it was more widely used in languages like BASIC and Fortran. I was still taught it in the 80's, but it is rarely, if ever, seen today.

However, you can write Fortran in any language.

Published Wednesday, 28 July 2021

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