Grabbing frogs...


We're way behind on our adoption of Web3. I don't want to miss out on the next thing!

Don't worry! Let me show you our research lab.


Here we have Web5 running on a 6G mobile network using IPv7!


Imagine if every cell in every organism in the galaxy was integrated in a real-time blockchain!


That would be incredible! Is that what all this will do?

No, no. But that would be cool, right? This is going to sell really, really well-targeted ads.

6G wireless might be a real thing, but Web5 and IPv7 aren't (at least not yet). Remember, history repeats itself - when television was first invented, people had high hopes of its potential to bring education and enlightenment all over the world! But it really peaked with The Price is Right and then went downhill to today's reality shows. Then the Internet was going to change everything! And cell phones! But combine them, and it's all just TikTok videos and memes. Don't expect the next big technology upgrade to really change anything.

Published Wednesday, 18 May 2022

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