Grabbing frogs...


You have names, ages, addresses, and toy preferences for everyone on earth.


Do you realize how valuable that information is? You are missing out on a major revenue stream!


How would that work, exactly?


This gift is just an ad for auto insurance.

My stocking had a coupon for 10% off toothpaste!

Next year, Chrome is changing how extensions work in a way that is going to break everyone's ad-blockers. Sure, developers might figure out a workaround, but let's see them make an ad-blocker for your Christmas presents! Santa's cornered the market on targeted advertising.

The theme here really ties back to the very first comic - the fact that selling ads is seemingly the only business model for the Internet. A whole lot of very smart people have devoted their lives to making better ways to show us ads, and I think that's really sad.

Merry Christmas!

Published Wednesday, 7 December 2022

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