Grabbing frogs...

I'm Shopping

I've searched for the perfect present for weeks.


That's present perfect.



Your tense.


Yeah, shopping is stressful.

Merry Christmas everyone! The title contains a present participle, if you're looking for a gift. Everyone loves a participle.

I'm publishing a second comic this week (gasp!) for two reasons. One, the last one was really short. And two, I needed one closer to Christmas but not after Christmas. And I guess, third, no comic on the 28th. Frogs will return 4 January 2023.

Christmas won't fall on Sunday again for 11 years! I don't know if I'll still be writing comics in 2033 or if anyone will still read them. Maybe web pages won't even exist in 2033. Perhaps I'll have a hologram comic. We'll see.

Published Saturday, 24 December 2022

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