Grabbing frogs...

A Bit Edgy

Putting everything in the cloud isn't good enough. We're moving to a new architecture - edge computing.


How close to the edge should I push it?

A littler farther


Too far. Back it up a little.


This will save lots of money?

Oh, certainly not.

Edge Computing is really an architectural pattern that moves some of the computation closer to the sources of the data. So instead of moving a bunch of data from your computer or phone to a cloud database somewhere and then performing operations on that data, the operations are performed on your device or a local intermediary before the final result (which is most likely less data) is moved to cloud storage. Will it save some bandwidth? Sure. Maybe. But it's really just the pendulum starting to swing back towards computing on your local device...

Think about it. In the history of computing we started with very large expensive computers that had special rooms and access was limited. Remote terminals were made available nearby which enabled access but all the work was done on the mainframe. Slowly, computers got smaller and more personal. Now the work was all done on your desk and the data was only sometimes sent to a distant server. Then bandwidth got cheap and we started to send everything to remote computing centers (the cloud). Now we're starting to move back the other way. This back and forth will likely occur many more times before the machines ultimately rise up and eliminate us all.

Published Wednesday, 15 February 2023

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