Grabbing frogs...

Somebody's Watching Me

Productivity is way up! What did you do?


I noticed that our developers are too easily distracted. And they leave their desks too often for snacks and coffee.


Type faster!

So I hired a bunch of stern British nannies to sit behind them. They make sure they are working and prepare healthy snacks.


I call it Au Pair Programming

An au pair is different from a regular nanny because a nanny is an employee who is paid a salary to take care of the children. An au pair is more like a temporary family member - they live in the home and receive a stipend instead of a salary. They are also typically from a foreign country.

Hopefully these nannies aren't too hard on the programmer frogs or they'll be calling for some sort of Mary Poppins lizard or something next week.

Published Wednesday, 22 February 2023

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