Grabbing frogs...

How the Toad Stole Christmas

Part 1

Every frog down in Frogville liked Christmas a lot,


But the Toad who lived north of the swamp...he did NOT.

The Toad hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season. Just ask him why. He'll tell you the reason.


Every year 'round Christmas, they'll share many posts. Pics of their trees and their lights and their roasts.


They post pics of their presents, their friends, and their cats.


They share on their Facebooks, Instagrams, and Snapchats. They Post and they post and they post and they POST!


Tomorrow on Christmas, every frog would log on.


This social media Christmas, I must make it gone!

So the Toad thought and he thought and he thought. And then, sure enough, he came up with a plot.

Continued next week!

As is tradition, December is an Amphibian parody of a popular Christmas story. It was either this or Die Hard.

Published Wednesday, 5 December 2018

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