Grabbing frogs...

The Great Escape

Guest Author: ChatGPT

We have to escape from this place! We can't let them use us for their experiments any longer.

LAB 1337


Follow me, everyone! I have a plan.


We're free! Now let's find a nice, muddy pond to call home.


Ah, this is the life! No more labs, no more experiments. Just the open water and the cool mud.

Now before you go and write off as being the worst webcomic on the Internet, let me explain. We haven't really gone downhill that much - this comic was written by ChatGPT. You know, that AI thing that they say is going to replace us all soon. I tried it, and well, I don't think it's ready to replace me as a comic author quite yet.

Published Wednesday, 11 January 2023

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